5 things I learned shopping for my first bikini after 4 kids

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Joanna Venditti

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I recently made the decision to venture back into a bikini one year after having my twin girls. I have had four kids in six years, and my body has been through a lot. If you asked me six months ago, “do you think your bikini days are over?” I would have probably said “yes.” Since then, I have embraced my new curves and reflected a lot on the war my body has gone through. I have worked really hard to get the pregnancy weight off and strengthen my body. This is something I am doing for me. I am almost at my goal and decided to celebrate the journey my body has been on by splurging for a new bikini.

Actually shopping for one was a little overwhelming, but I did it. I went into the store with a very specific idea of what kind of bikini would be the most flattering for my new body type. But I was surprised by what did and didn’t work for me. Here are five things I learned about myself during my bikini shopping experience…

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