5 things to be grateful for when you have the flu

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Tara Shafer

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I am emerging from the throes of the mom flu. I was fine. And then all of a sudden — boom — down I went. As I lay shivering in bed under three or four comforters and remained both incredibly cold and unbearably hot, I had some time to think. As miserable as a terrible virus is, if one is lucky enough to be otherwise healthy, being sick enough to justify time-limited unequivocal collapse can be weirdly relaxing, with permission bestowed to just give in.

Here are 5 things I embraced even as I felt horrible:

  1. When I am sick I am allowed to drink soda. The delicious chalky sweetness of a Coke is something I almost never have if I’m not sick. The carbonation makes this lighter than water. (And, well, way more delicious). “A Coke with chipped ice,” said Blanche DuBois from A Streetcar Named Desire and that is what I was thinking as my sainted husband kept refilling my glass.
  2. A supportive partner. Or a sister wife. There is nothing good about being out of commission in any way if you don’t have grownup back-up. You can’t take care of your kids. That is terrifying. Having a partner able to step up and be in three places at once while still caring for you is a gift I cannot fully express. Single parents, I salute you. And I salute the sister wives who go into a sick house to help their friend in the absence of a present partner. What. A. Gift.
  3. Binge-watching television. I have trouble reading when I’m sick especially if I have a pounding nauseous headache. I need to do things that are easier. What better time to finally actually subscribe to Hulu instead of just meaning to? When you are legit sick, you can treat television like a delightful vice and watch it until your eyes fall out. #nostandards.
  4. Permission to sleep for a long as you like. I am not a napper. I cannot sleep if it is not night. If I do nap, I tend to wake up hot and mad. However, when I am sick, I can just give in to the desire to sleep. As I binge-watch television. I am in and out.
  5. The absence of an appetite. Nothing like an illness to make one feel wan, pale — and maybe just a little thinner than before. (It won’t last, but I’ll take it).

Is there anything you secretly like about being sick?

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